8' or 10' pair, Canare 4s11 wire


***Choose between 8' and 10' options at checkout.***

These cables will be built for you upon checkout, please allow a few days processing. I generally have a very fast turnaround.

No hidden ingredients. You won't have to guess what speaker wire is hidden under your colorful braided sleeving, leaving you wondering later. These cables are built with a passion for the hobby. I LOVE what I do and I do it because I LOVE it. Each cable is built at my home in Prosper, Texas.

These custom built speaker cables were made with Canare's 4s11 Star-Quad 4-conductor cable. Each of the 4 conductors is 14 gauge wire. This means when I join 2 wires you're getting a 11 gauge cable. There are a few benefits to using 4 conductor wire. Some of the benefits include lower noise interference and a more flexible cable. Yes "copper is copper", but there is a quality difference that you can feel.

Braided sleeving: Orange

Banana Plugs: These cables are terminated with Viborg silver plated banana plugs.
I believe these are the best banana plugs in this price range.

***If you need one end terminated with 4 banana plugs, I can do this for a small additional fee***

If you have any questions, ideas, request, please reach out to me. This is something I love and I want you to love the cables you buy.


Reviews (6)


These cables met my expectations in every way, you cannot go wrong with these. Very high quality connectors, outer covering, and workmanship. I’ve used Canare cabling in other setups and no reason to think it will be any different in this configuration. Absolutely perfect!

Build quality is out of this world. So too with performance. I would put these cables up against "audiophile" wires selling for 5-6x more. Communication also top-notch, and delivery was much faster than expected. Loved the transaction and loving the product even more.

High quality, beautifully crafted, well packaged, and the custom cables arrived in short order. Jeremy was also very accommodating to a custom termination. A truly good value.

Beautiful, well built speaker cables at a reasonable price. Working with Jeremy is a real pleasure. He takes time to interact with his customers, a rarity for most companies these days. Highly recommended!

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