8', 10' or 12' pair, Canare 4s11G, silver plated banana plugs


These custom built audiophile speaker cables will be built for you after you've placed the order.

No cut corners, no snake oil. All quality.

This pair of 2 cables are built with the very popular and highly regarded Canare 4s11G speaker wire. The "G' signifies that this is the oxygen free copper version of this wire. It cost a little more than the standard 4s11, but, I think it's worth it.

This wire has 4 x 14awg conductors. Built in this configuration you get an 11awg pair of cables.

These are wrapped with a high end, green woven Flexo NX braided sleeving.

The banana plugs on this pair of cables are my spec silver plated banana plugs (one of my favorites)

***IF you're wondering why these green cables cost a little more than some of the other 4s11G cables I have for sale, it's the materials. This green sleeving cost me 10x the price of some of the other options. I've also upgraded the heatshrink on these to something that's a little nicer.***

Are you looking for something a little different? I'm HAPPY to take custom order request (there's no extra cost for custom).

Reviews (5)


Jeremy, thank you for another wonderful set of cables. Exactly what I wanted. For anyone questioning if this is the vendor for you, who might fulfill your need for quality cables, I suggest you reach-out and start a conversation with Jeremy. He's that kind of person. Highly recommended.

Great cables - will buy from Prosper again!

Excellent quality and communication. Thank you for helping me get started on my first turntable system.

Excellent quality, and communication and delivery were above expectations. Highly recommend!

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