8' pair, Canare 4s11, WBT and Viborg plugs


These cables will be built for you after the purchase is completed.

No cut corners, no snake oil. All quality.

This pair of 2 cables are 8' long and will be built with the very popular and highly regarded Canare 4s11 speaker wire.
This wire has 4 x 14awg conductors. Built in this configuration you get an 11awg pair of cables.

These are wrapped with a white military spec nylon braided sleeving.

The banana plugs on this pair of cables are WBT locking banana plugs on one end, and Viborg silver plated banana plugs on the other end. This is a really killer combo. Great for setups where one end of the cables needs to be close to the wall.

Are you looking for something a little different? I'm HAPPY to take custom order request (there's no extra cost for custom). I get OEM supplies from companies like WBT, Furutech and Audioquest....so I'm sure I can get something that you'll be happy with. Send me a message!

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