8' pair, Mogami w3014 WBT banana plugs, Kevlar


These are the cables I'd build for myself.

No nonsense, definitely overbuilt.

Built with pride by me in my home in Texas.

These cables will be made after you've completed the purchase.

Each cable will be 8' long and will be built with Mogami w3104. It's a 4 conductor wire that offers (4) x (12gauge) conductors. When I join the conductors like you see here, you end up with 9 gauge speaker cables. This wire is oxygen free and made in Japan. It's good stuff.

The end legs of the cable will be covered with a copper colored Techflex nylon braided sleeving. Each leg will be terminated with a WBT locking banana plug. These are top quality plugs and made in Germany.

Finally the cable will be covered with Aramid Armor (Kevlar) braided sleeving. This stuff is typically used in aerospace and marine environments. It offers performance that can not be worn or aged away. It will offer all the protection you could ask for and look classy at the same time.

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