8' or 10' Bi-wired pair, Mogami w3104


These cables will be built for you after you've completed the purchase:

Experience exceptional audio quality with my 10' pair of bi-wired speaker cables, built with Mogami w3104 speaker wire made in Japan with oxygen-free copper. I've designed these cables with a thick 9awg connection at the amp end and a sturdy 11awg connection at the speaker end for optimal sound quality. These are HEAVY and are best to be used with equipment that is power hungry.

I've also terminated these cables with high-quality Viborg silver-plated banana plugs, ensuring a secure and reliable connection for your audio setup. Additionally, I've added a sleek and durable black nylon braided sleeving for added protection and aesthetic appeal. This sleeving is made of a multifilament nylon material that is flexible and resistant to abrasions, making it ideal for protecting your cables from wear and tear.

Upgrade your audio setup with my premium bi-wired speaker cables, designed to deliver optimal sound quality and durability. Whether you're a professional musician or a discerning audiophile, you can trust Prosper Cables to provide the highest quality products and customer service.


Reviews (3)


The product performance is above average... The shipping is far better than most including Amazon! The packaging is Superb!

Awesome Speaker Cables, I definitely would recommend getting them!

The shipment was really fast. This cable is excellent as described and it delivers more detail with neutrality. My speaker sounds even better with this cable. Jeremy was so nice and kind to explain the details about the cable. Definitely recommend this product!

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