REL 3 wire sub speaker cable, Neutrik Speakon, and Spades


This 9' subwoofer cable will be built with Canare 4s11G
This is a high quality oxygen free wire, each conductor is 14awg.

The cable will be terminated and wired for REL subwoofers.
I will use DH LABs gold plated spades and a Neutrik Speakon connector.

Cables will be wrapped in a nylon braided sleeving.

Notes for anyone interested:

Speak-on connector wiring will be as follows:
+1 Right Channel +side (RED)
+2 Left Channel + side (YELLOW)
-1 Left or Right channel -side (BLACK)

Reviews (9)


Awesome cable for my REL T/7X. Better than what came with the REL. Immediately heard tighter Bass. So good, I'm ordering a 2nd for my REL T/5X. Thanks Jeremy!

Don’t make me write something

Great cable at a reasonable price, would recommend

Great quality for the price!

Prit en remplacement du câble d'origine Rel, il est infiniment meilleur pour un prix plus que raisonnable. Si, comme moi, vous cherchez un remplaçant au câble d'origine, celui-ci est vraiment un excellent choix

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