12' REL 3 wire sub speaker cable, Neutrik Speakon, and Spades


This 12' subwoofer cable will be built with Canare 4s11G
This is a high quality oxygen free wire, each conductor is 14awg.

The cable will be terminated and wired for REL subwoofers.
I will use DH LABs gold plated spades and a Neutrik Speakon connector.

Cables will be wrapped in a nylon braided sleeving.

Notes for anyone interested:

Speak-on connector wiring will be as follows:
+1 Right Channel +side (RED)
+2 Left Channel + side (YELLOW)
-1 Left or Right channel -side (BLACK)

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Another great cable to match my others. Really pairs well with my REL Classic 98 subwoofer.

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