Audiophile speaker cable pair ZuB3 compatible for Zu Audio Mogami w2919 speakON 8-pole


These will be built for you upon purchase.
You can choose between black, or silver.
You can also choose between DH Labs gold plated spades or my spec silver plated deltron style banana plugs.
You can request terminations and sleeving color at checkout in the notes section, or message me.

This listing is for an 8' PAIR, but I can build other lengths and other colors/configurations upon request.

I'm using Mogami's w2919, 6 conductor studio wire to build these, no short cuts, no jumpers.
Wire ends will be soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic silver solder.

Cables will be wrapped in either silver or black multifilament nylon sleeving.

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