8' Custom Audiophile Speaker Cables 12awg Jupiter Condenser Twisted Pair Tinned Copper in Lacquered Cotton Insulation AECO silver Bananas


This 8' pair of 12awg speaker cables are made with Jupiter Condenser's Twisted Pair Tinned Copper in Lacquered Cotton Insulation. This wire is made in the USA with US-made materials.

This is GOOD stuff.

If you're familiar with Belden 9497 or Western Electric's WE16GA but want to try something with a little heavier gauge conductor. This is your wire.

I terminated this pair with AECO ABP-1111S Silver plated banana plugs (***NOTE: these plugs are only compatible with 4mm binding post. If your post are 4.1mm, these will not work.) These plugs twist in to fit nice and snug

Other terminations, lengths, etc are available. Just message me with your custom request.

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