Custom Silver Coated Audiophile AES/EBU Balanced Digital 110-ohm XLR interconnect Cable


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This custom made AES/EBU cable is made for you exactly the same way I'd make it for myself. (Built without the nonsense and built with great components).

I'm using DH Labs/ Silver Sonic's D-110 AES/EBU silver coated digital cable. This wire is 110 Ohm and made precisely for AES/EBU cables.

The cables are terminated with Cardas silver solder and Neutrik's XX-HE series XLR connectors. Color coded with purple boots to indicate that your cable is a 110ohm AES/EBU cable. Wrapped in a nice black nylon braided sleeve for extra durability.

Custom colors, custom lengths, etc are available....just message me with your request prior to purchase.

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